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Hello and welcome to the world of the 'green' Zebra, where we believe no project is complete without landscaping. 

From feasibility to LVIA, concept to master plan; detailed design to planning and construction.


We do it all.  We do design. We do LVIA, master planning, technical drawings, planning applications, tender documentation, contract administration, site support and CGIs, . We explore every part of the project to make it perfect.

We listen. We want to hear what you want, but we also want your project to be what you never dreamt it could be. We'll challenge your ideas to make sure it's the best it can possibly be.

We manage your budget as if it’s our own. Landscaping can be expensive but rest assured, we balance good design with cost awareness to ensure your money is spent effectively, helping you get the things you want most.

We know great plant nurseries and contractors.  We know the right people to make sure your scheme looks fantastic on the ground, as well as on paper, to make sure you get the best plants and service.

We love what we do. You love your project and we can guarantee that we will. That's how we get the most out of it for you, by falling in love with it too. 

It can be hard going sometimes. That's why at Zebra we do all the hard work for you, and you can be as involved as you want. We make sure your project is exciting and we take care of all the boring bits too.

We're everywhere. Zebra works nationwide as if every project is just down the road.  We have good working relationships with local authorities up and down the country to make things happen.

We're straightforward. There's no need to over complicate, life does enough of that. Simple is better, and our approach is effective and refreshingly efficient.

We are a Landscape Institute Registered Practice. We work to the highest professional standards and are bound by strict codes of conduct.

We carry professional indemnity insurance. This gives you peace of mind that in the unlikely event things go wrong, you're covered.